Letter Type 2: withdrawal not performed

Letter Type 2: withdrawal not performed transmit support@fxglobe.com

For the attention of Mr EREZ Ventura legal representative of FX Globe.

Mr. Erez Ventura,

I undersigned Mr / Ms ____________ client BOOMDIRECT LTD for several months and have approved the terms and conditions of our contractual relationship including the "Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions of Business" and "Complaints Handling Procedure" I am referring to present next request.

I have to withdraw my money on my trading accounts, which is currently being processed by your services.

You recalling that under the "customer agreement from April 2016" and the "frequentely ask questions" stipulating the withdrawal section "There are no charges when making a withdrawal. However, any charges required by your bank for the transfer are solely your responsibility." you must execute my withdrawal request without charges.

Furthermore, I recall that my request will be processed within a maximum of 5 working days of receipt and in accordance with Article 24.2 of the "Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions of Business" reads as follows: "A Payment Will Be Transferred request from the Balance of your Account to you not later than five Business Days from the time of the Company's receipt of your request. "

In your letter of 2 December 2016 you mention 'Under our agreement with Boom and our conditions, we will charge a $ 10 fee for each application on a large amount of withdrawals, which is reasonable given that we a team of many people who process your withdrawals 10 hours a day. 'This agreement between BOOMDIRECT and FXLOBE LTD, I do not personally get involved and your conditions of use do not mention these costs.

These terms and conditions have not been changed to this date, they are in effect on the date of my retirement and I therefore ask you to honor your commitments and my withdrawal without charge within 5 working days.

On the other hand, after processing my payment as in the requirements, please proceed to the closure of my account, destruction of my personal data and to the withdrawal of your emailing list and this in accordance with art 33.1 "Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions of Business" specifying "TERMINATION oF AGREEMENT 33.1 Each Party is Entitled to terminate this Agreement time immediately at Any time, by Giving Reviews the other Party at least a five Business Days Written notice to That effect."

If I did not answer and or time on your part and within the prescribed time previously set, a procedure with the relevant authorities regarding the charges, and closing my account will be deposited.

Please act accordingly,


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